Muskoka Weddings ~ Breathtaking Venues with Spectacular Backdrops

Nicole + Duane

Windermere House | Muskoka

Lindsay + Jonathan

J.W Marriott | Muskoka

Alex+ Jordan

Muskoka Bay Club | Muskoka

Lindsey + Bill

J.W. Marriott | Muskoka

Lindsay + Josh

Deerhurst Resort Wedding | Muskoka

Johanna + Aaron

Muskoka Lakes Golf & Country Club| Muskoka

There is something, in fact many things, magical about the Muskoka Region... every season is spectacular with it's artful, rustic scenery and deep, rich outdoor culture that make the most stunning backdrops for our couples on their wedding day. We have a deep adoration for many Muskoka wedding venues and simply love capturing wedding stories in his region. We have had the pleasure of working with many wedding professionals over the years and if you have questions about local Muskoka Wedding Vendors such as event planners, florists, DJs, catering, etc. or specific venues in Muskoka we'd be happy to answer those questions for you.